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Stolen from horrortray

Insert the first sentence of the first post of every month of 2004: Results, interesting

Grrr. I hate this shit. I'll see you all who are going at Unterzone tonight. Damn I wish I had the money to go to this, Throbbing Gristle Reunion Show Amazing conglomerations of talent will be playing. Fri 3/5/04 in the Meat Locker @ the Backroom. They've Finally released the Upright Citizens Brigade First Season DVD (Last November Apparently) washu and I can now die complete. To TWO wonderfull Turians in my life. euphoria91 and washu73. Friday Morning, started with , did for the first time and then spend some time setting up the campsite, 4 hours late moved to once Jid arrived and the rain started. lycaonn, Sandy and I headed out for her next door neighbor's event, crudly put a Stripper Fashon show, better put, a Fashon Show modeled by Strippers, and for the huge part very tastefully done, and there's nothing like seeing strippers modeling Fetish style clothing, and weirdness all designed by locals. So I guess i should finally clue everyone in on what is going on, after a week of talking and consideration, my wife Cassie and I have decided to reconsile. So I've worked over 15 hours of Overtime this week, and plan to work at least 10 more next week which will mean close to 30 hours of Overtime on my check. I'm djing on the Interweb radio whatthingum. . . Jello Biaffra said it best. "Instead of Freedom of Religion, how about Freedom *from*
religion?" Recieved and installed the Pioneer CDX-P50 ($38.43) I now once again have a CD player in the car, and it even does CD-Text. . .

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