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My last post from portland on my Desktop. . .

Packing is getting finalized, all the stuff in the house is just about packed up and stacked in the front room. The truck will be arriving in about 4 hours and we'll begin loading. One more night in the house and we roll out by 10:00am tomorrow. I'll have my laptop, and be able to dial up from the various places we stop during the corse of the move. We'll be going via Provo, UT and according to the weather reports, if we make good time, we'll miss any possibility of snow or poor weather.  YAY!

I just want all my friends in Portland to know how much I'll miss them, I love you all and wish you the best, I'll attempt to come back and visit, but for now my travel priorities are going to be taking me to Rochester, to visit my wife and daughter. I will pst my updated address and phone number to my friends list once I know them.

Peace out. . .



Rev Dj RaZorslave
~like a tongue full of asshole. . .
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