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Playlist. . .

For my going away party . . .

Dj Medusa
monolith - matrix b
architect - demom tract 2
amon tobin - marine machines
xingu hill - bandwidth barons
pow[d]er pussy - cateatscuckoo
portion control - earl of kennington
download - mothersonne (newt rmx)
black lung - downtime disco dementia
mlada fronta - h2o
asche - distorted dj pt 4
sina - machine (die farben rmx)

dj emok
Klink - quiet in the room
Coil - Attack of the cennpods
KiEw - werkfrag
Wumpscut - Track 2 of Blood Child
Panacea Shares Needles with tarmvred - mothership
- toxic box
Terrorfakt- now you die (Club remix)
God Module - Impact
headscan - ascend
Combichrist - Blut Royale
funker vogt - narayan
Dulce Liquido - Dislocution
Amduscia - Beyond the Terrible darkness
Bi-God-20 - The Bog

Rev Dj RaZorslave
HP Lovecraft Historical Society - Demon Sultan Azazoth
Klute - Tequila Slammer
Oil 10 - Is it Sex?
Broken Fabiola - Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura Mix)
Combichrist - Sex Drugen and Industrial (Unlisted Mix)
Monolith - Biosphere
Soman - Tears (Featuring Lahannya)
Computorgirl - Understand
Converter Asche Morgenstern - In Hell
Die Form - Atomatic Love
Headscan - Dead Silver Sky (Protocol)
Wumpscut - Womb (Miserable Days Mix)

Dj Medusa
skinny puppy - morphous v2
laibach - achtung!
snog - bastard closet
haujobb - less (single mix)
die form - silent order
psychic tv - suspicious (thd rmx)
index - the model
portion control - is this me?
babyland - dyn-o-mite!
f/a/v - radical/relativ
cop shoot cop - got no soul
foetus - wash

dj emok
stuntrock - I'm Sick And Tired Of Acting Even Remotely Interested In What You're Talking About.
Covenant - Dead Stars
Venetian Snares - hours
Haujobb - depths

Rev Dj RaZorslave
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Do You Fear what I fear
Computorgirl - Sad Angel
Venetian Snares and Stunt Rock - girls don't like me
Die Form - The Hidden Cage
Winterkalte - smokey Mountians

Dj Uberlush
Das Ich - Kindgott
Converter - Deathtime
Feindflug - Stukas Im Vizier

Rev Dj RaZorslave
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Freddy the Red Brained Mi-Go

P.S. There is nothing like the first cigarette of the day, after a night of heavy drinking to make you realize how hung over you actually are. . . :(

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