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Pain in my ass USB 2.0 Enclosure. . .

So, I was looking at upgrading the HD in my laptop to a 60GB Toshiba, which would have run me about $127.00.  I start checking prices on regular IDE Hard Drives, and Enclosures, and find for the price that I can get a 160GB WD 7200 RPM Drive with 8MB of Cash and an Enclosure for roughly the same price. So I decide to. I get it home, the manual for the enclosure is a nightmare of engrish, with the instructions to go to your dealer for tech support if you have any problems. And the problems abound. . .

When I have it hooked up to any of the computers in the house. My Machine, my Mom's machine, or the laptop. It recognizes the USB Mass Storage Device, and pops up an error that something didnt install right. I open up Device Manager and there's a nifty little Yellow Exclamation point and the Message "The Device cannot start (Code 10)"  After about 4 hours of researching on the internet, going to various tech forums, and banging my head against this brick wall, it looks like the enclosure is bad, but the store I purchased it at is closed at this point, guess I get to drive BACK out to Hillsboro tomorrow. Whee. . .  Hope that solves it, or I'll be looking at purchasing a better Enclosure, online and returning this craptacular one.

I do love my laptop, and am counting the hours till my wireless router and mini-pci card arrive. . .

Rev Dj RaZ
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