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Yay Alice. . .

Hung out with Alice D tonight, worked on a mixed cd to give my wife when I get to see her again in January. . .


Computorgirl - Sad Angel
Sickboy - Kiss me on the Dancefloor
Combichrist - Tractor
Computorgirl - Understand
Cleen - North
Oil 10 - Is it sex
Cyanotic - Suspension of Disbelief (Ceoxime Remix)
Cleen - Did you Forget (Demoversion)
Computorgirl - Could you ever ignore
Portion Control - barely alive
Monolith - Dreams of a Journey (Remix)
Sonar - She's a stone killer
Code 243 - Safer for you
Snow in China - The colour of Fire
Robag Wruhme - Skrubbs
Computorgirl - The Touch

if enough people are interested I'll put it online to download as a monolithing mp3 file. . .

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