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Fuck it figures. . .

So I got my driver's licence back today. YAY. and on the way tot he DMV on my bike, my Cell phone decided to take a dive out of my velcro'd cell pocket without me noticing it. Well I heard somehting bounce off my bike but i didnt see anything so I kept riding. I got to the DMV got my licence went to call my mom and ask if I could come pick up the car, and no phone. So I went back to where I thought I'd heard the noise, and all I could find was the back plate for the phone. :( Grrr.  Very annoying. Going to have to go search really well and call it several times, either some kid picked it up or it fell into one of the storm drains. FUCK!@&#%^(*&^$%*()&$w*()&@#$_!

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