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Let me say, I hate my job and my days there are most definately numbered.

I was told by my Boss and Operations Manager that I was a valuable employee, but with the ammount of time that I had missed, I would be more valuable if I was there more often, this was three or so weeks ago, my attendance has not improved. I had my job and they can't fire me for excessive absenteeism, because I am covered by the terms of FMLA.

So I get a call from my boss today, saying that whem I return tomorrow I will be placed on a Phase One, because they have gone through my open cases and found several dropped balls. They are trying to tell me that they checked to make sure they had nothing to do with the days that I was out on medical leave and they verified that i was fucking off on the job. Fuck them, I can't wait to go in and see the supposed list and verify that with what days I was out on FMLA. Going to enjoy the look on their face, I definately will enjoy giving them the big fuck you.

I so need to find another job, I've applied at a bunch of places through and, hope something comes of it.

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