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Tonight. . .

Our new Saturday night Dementia will kick off on August 14th with The Dark Alice In Wonderland Ball fundraiser. Due to previous booking for August and September Dementia will be held every 2nd and 4th SAT and start every weekend in October


When: Every 2nd and 4th Sat August and September Every Saturday starting in October.
Where: The Rabbit Hole 203 SE Grand Ave. On the corner of Ash and Grand. A very cool bar located in part of the old shanghai tunnels on the east side of the river.
Cover: $2.00 with all profits going to C.A.T.S. and local non-euthanizing animal shelters
Dj's: Carrion, Zufal, Rev Dj RaZorslave, Valence, NoN and Rotating Guest.

Info on the Ball....

Saturday August 14th Damned Events Presents

The Dark Alice In Wonderland Ball.
A journey into the mind of a demented Alice

Located at The Rabbit Hole and Mad Hatters Lounge at 203 SE Grand Ave. This will be our kick off of a new weekly Saturday night. We will be donating the profits from this event (and all weekly nights) to C.A.T.- Cat Adoption Team and other local non-euthanizing animal shelters. The opening night will be $4.00 / $2.00 with a Cat / Dog food or toy donation. All fallowing nights will be just $2.00. The Music will be Gothic / Industrial , Ebm , Darkwave, Noise. Dark and Demented just the way you like it. Dressing up for the ball is encouraged. The opening night will hosted by yours truly dj non - The Mad Hatter & dj carrion - Cheshire Cat with the line up to be Djs Carrion, Zufal, Rev Dj RaZorslave and NoN. Dementia will feature rotating local Djs and out of town guest. Come check it out and donate to a good cause.

I will also be making my Debut, with Djing from a Laptop (not mine, yet) and utilizing a Mixman dm2 for mixing live. It should be fairly entertaining.

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