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The Long awaited pictures post. . .

Pictures of the week long visit. . .

Wednesday Night we went out to my sister's boyfriends' house in happy Valey, I spent four hours in the pool with my daughter.

Pics of me and my daughter mostly, yea for making music with Native Instruments Absynth.

Later we went hiking in the woods up to witches castle, there's Bri, pretending she's a mummy.

Fairy Princess Outfit :)

Then we went to my Aunt and Uncles Beach House south of Lincoln City for a night, We kidnapped lycaonn and took her with us.

Building sand scupltures is almost as much fun as destroying them.

Then we went to the Zoo. Bri, Loves the Zoo.

Bri and Grandma and Grandpa

Beefcake ;)

Aunt Misha and Cassie

"I never new I had SO many cousins" ~Briaun L Franklin

So I guess i should finally clue everyone in on what is going on, after a week of talking and consideration, my wife Cassie and I have decided to reconsile. She went back to Rochester, NY this morning and will be getting her affairs in order to come out and join me as soon as feasably possible. Bri will be staying with her grand parents in NY for a couple months after that while we work to get everything set up here. I'm happier about this than I thought possible, there was about 15 minutes of ackwardness, and it all just fell into place. This are going very well and my marriage was finally consumated, repeatedly. :) Waiting till she gets back is going to suck.

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