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Choices in life. . .

My daughter is beautiful. She defies description. So incredibly intelligent. I think she's going to be smarter than I am. I swam and played with her for 4 hours last night. Then we worked on her scrap book for the visit, printed out pictures, pasted them to the papes and decorated them. How many 6 years olds do you know that know how to use a carrot (The editing tool) Interspaced in the normal conversation of childish 6 year old inane chatter she was able to weave an entire other conversation with me. Giving me pointed looks and emphasizing certain words, getting her answer, and fading back into the game where she was a beautiful princess in search of the three magick jewels.

Seeing my (ex)wife again, has had some odd effects. I had completely forgotten how absolutely beautiful she is. We've both done a lot of growing, and completely unexpectedly its very comfortable to just chat with her about anything. Turns out neither or us is really seeing anyone right now, and we both feel that getting a divorce now would be like giving up. Much talking to do.

When comes back up I'll have pictures posted of the whole week.

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