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[not mine thank god]

I'm helping a friend build a living room, DivX server to hook into his large screen HD TV. Unfortunately its built with semi obsolete parts, that are far from new, and may be termed as "garage sale finds" while I'm all for saving a buck whenever possible, you really do get what you pay for. The MSI Motherboard in the box, didn’t like having its CMOS reset. Now it will boot with a floppy to DOS and I can access the 40GB hard drive, which has been sys'd but when you try to boot directly to either HD the screen just goes blank with no response after the POST. I've eliminated one of the 512MB Sticks of ram as being bad. By itself, the machine just beeps incessantly. But that didn’t resolve it, I've followed all the advice I could find online, but no luck. I've resorted to e-mailing MSI Tech support. I hate doing that. Oh well, we'll see if this is the fix or if my friend gets to buy a new motherboard.

In other news I'm now up to 35GB of Mp3's

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