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Two things. . .

This site is the most entertaining use of Live Journal I have ever seen, the 50 most recently posted pics on Lj It hideously addictive, and with the ammount of shit that gets posted to Lj you en up with some really fucking weird and hillarious pics.

But then you end up finding things that hurt your brain. such as this community: r_u_hot_fo_real. I shudder at the prospect.
Best post I've seen since scanning it. "next time i see going to rape your eyes.."

So I'm up a half hour early today. My uncle called from utah to verify my e-mail address and my sisters snail mail address, somehow he had her on 90th rather than 80th easy enough to do I suppose, He's like 80 or something, started asking me about and why deprivation chose that name.

I gave him some half assed just got woken up after Djing and being up till 5:00am thing about its where we host personal websites, and pages for our musical projects etc. and he asks to see my website, so I e-mail him the link.

Shit. I just e-mailed my website to my 80 year old uncle. Who mountain bikes up Provo Canyon leaving his Son and Grandson struggling to follow him. **shrugs** fuck it. I really need to get that update finnished.

Time to make a hearty breakfast, do the "three S's" and head out to beer fest, need to get downtown before 1:00pm so I can get the extra matinee tickes. $20 dollars gets you in, gets you your class and gets your 15 tokens between 12-1:00pm today.

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