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a 4th to Remember. . . damn cops. . .

I didnt get as many pics as I had planned. The police showed up and told us we couldnt camp on the beach and we had to leave. When it was brought to their attention that perhaps the drivers were too inebriated to drive at this point. The cops says, "then drive drunk I gave you 15 minutes and you've wasted 5"

But for now the pics. . .

Gathering at the Pellican & the pug of doom

People get drunk, clothes get swapped around **shrugs**

Pretty Lady, And the sunset.

The sun through red sunglasses, cheap man's filter. Fire Pretty.

Drelb passing out after his exertions. Cruz passed on on the slope of the cliff

Let the brawling begin, or is this forplay?

And last but not least, funny ass video clip for the weekend. Drelb's Trues Love. . .
</ljcut> (Right Click to download if you're not a Mac)

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