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rowar *LOL*

Your Sexual Personality: Tigress / Tiger

You've got an energizer bunny, stop at nothing appetite for sex... you can't be tamed.

And you don't mind devouring a lover or two if they can't keep up with you.

You prefer to control in the bedroom, and you always get pleased the way you desire.

Anyone who's with you for a night turns into a super lover, thanks to your lusty lessons.

Your sexual power position is you on top. Total control baby!

You are most compatible with other tigers / tigresses and adventurers / adventuresses.

You need a lover who is ready for action!

Get with a sensualist, and they'll slow you down with their boring foreplay dance.

Get with a prince / princess, and they'll whine about your lack of cuddling skills.

Kink things up Spanish Fly Liquid.

A great little secret for putting your lover back in the mood.

What's Your Sexual Personality?

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