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Once a relationship is over, and all the talking has been done, there are TWO kinds of people, some people cannot leave well enough ALONE, they have to keep picking at the wound, QUESTIONING what has already happened, like it's still happening and not already over. They’re not able to FACE the FACT that it IS OVER, there is NOTHING that can resurrect the situation and to try is to CAUSE anger and resentment? While Others understand that everything that needed to be said has been, to further discuss it will just bring out further resentment and pain. When two of these are in this situation, someone is bound to get hurt. I have real problems having sympathy for that kind of self-abuse. Can someone please fucking explain this to me?



Jun. 24th, 2004 08:17 pm (UTC)
Laura the wise
Ok, here it is. Girls are stupid. Period. If they have a vagina, it's pretty damn likely that when it comes to relationships they won't have one single once of common sense. (myself included) Ok. I'm done. Smooches.