Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
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Fuck you, fuck you and your $60,000 Cock Extension

Please, strap yourself into the cab of your Escalade, spot weld the seat belt just and have your whining silver spoon fed little maggot of a child pour mothballs into the gas tank, I'll gladly roast marshmellows over your crisping petrochemical consumed corpse, you think I give a rats ass that the pasty white glistening grub, the ballsweat of your shriveled loins is broken down by the side of the road? Here's a clue, I wouldnt pee on him if he was on fire to put him out. I can only hope a trucker who's been on speed for 6 days drifts off to sleep in time to drift off of the side of the road at 85 miles an hour in time to spray his remains across the front of its metal grill and put and end to your sanctimounios self important whining. People like you are the reason, the world hates Americans.

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