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[ Flux 1.18.03 Playlist ]

[ flux 01.18.02 ]

* Denotes Request

snog - empires
das ich - destallat (club version)
velvet acid christ - the hand (psycho rave mix)
numb - blind (numb remix)
death method - white rabbit
29 died - electric steel (horsect trance mix)
funkervogt - the international killer
decoded feedback - breathe
covenant - tension (club mix)
fini tribe - squelch (black metal raido edit)

download - morningview dr
asche - zapped
haujobb - penetration (floor mix)
b-ton-k - the guide
the klinik - blanket of fog
i parasite - criminal eyes
x-r0 - repulsion
biopsy - leech
*diatribe - lands end
pzycho bitch - come back

adult. - hand to phone
miss kitten & the hacker - stripper
vnv nation - beloved (uk dub mix)
apoptygma bezerk - suffer in silence
red flag - if i ever (1000 years mix)
duran duran - the reflex
information society - think
goldenboy feat. miss kitten - rippin kitten
anthony rother - sex with machines
uberzone - science fiction (rhythm device)

men without hats - safety dance (extended version)
*coil - the anal staircase
leæther strip - sex dwarf
information society - a knife & a fork
snog - corperate slave
deathline intl. - rawhide
devo - head like a hole
soft cell - tainted love '91 (12" version)
nitzer ebb - djvd
society burning - awaken (dept of hate mix)

clear vision - revenge (original demo)
*matrix - clubbed to death
architect - (track4) *i cant find my liner notes
monolith - disco buddha
it - logic noise cargo
needle sharing - club empty (gay blaster united)
config.sys - (track6)
ammo - ghost phalanx (panacea rmx)
black lung - question one
*front242 - gripped by fear

deathline intl. - open your eyes (numb remix)
cleen - freaks
*depeche mode - fly on the windscreen
tears for fears - shout

Thanks all who came and enjoyed the music... See you all again on the 15th of February.

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