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Uggh my head. . . and where's that cat so I can skin it.

You know the cat that took a shit in my mouth after I passed out. . .

Last night I went to the local equivelant of a PIG Party at Cedrics with the Vegas Goth Scene, the party was lots of fun, I got really fucked up and met some really cool people. I'm really looking forward to Djing tonight. But right now I have to get up and go to church with my dad. The Bottle of Jeager I mentioned yesterday? Gone, I also had a couple of what tasted like Coors Lights from a Keg, and this guy I was having and interesting discussion about the BDSM Laws in Nevada with made me a couple of Rum and Diet Cokes (actually not to bad the diet aftertaste completely killed any taste of alcahol) that were way more rum than coke. I'm not hung over (suprisingly) but I didnt even get back to the retirement community until 5:30am and had to hop the gate because I didn't want to bother my dad again and I got only about 4.5 hours of sleep.

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