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Fucking food poisioning. . .

So day before yesterday I get suckered into going to burgerbille with some friends of mine where we are gifted by the gods of fast food with an extra burger we didnt order. It sat around on the tray while we all ate and then we realized it was extra and I decided to take a bullet for the team and get rid of it. Well, I woke up yesterday morning with a belly full of razorblades and went off to the Cadillac Training. I started throwing up at around 10:00am. I puked four times before I finally said this is enough I have to go home, I puked twice on the way home and three more times after I got here, then I slept from 2:30pm to 4:15am. Now I'm on my way back to work for the Dealer Visit at Vic Alfanso Cadillac. The good news is I feel better; the bad news is I still feel pretty shaky.

That is all.

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