Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Hope to see a lot of you at this:

This Wednesday! at the DV8 Lounge.

Damned Events Presents:

NEIN records artists:
H.I.V.+(France) &
Epidemia(Mexico) with guests
Conure(crunch pod media artist)
Dj sets by Mos[k] & Uberlush

Wednesday Feb 25th 2004
Doors at 9:00pm - 21+ w/ID
$5.00 adv tix at Ozone UK & Ticketwest
(tickets subject to service charge)
$7.00 at the door

The DV8 Lounge
5021 SE Powell Blvd.

links on the bands:

Bio on H.I.V.+:
H.I.V.+ (Pedro Peñas y Robles) from France has managed to establish itself as one of the most innovative and interesting artist in the Rhythmic Noise scene. H.I.V.+, music spiritual journey into the mind of a mad man who communicates himself directly with the machines and transmits his more darker and violent messages through them. Hypnoise Movement & Harsh Ironworks captures the very best tracks from the now deleted H.I.V. + first two albums previously released by the french industrial-experimental label : Divine Comedy Records; Including collaboration works and remixes by MLADA FRONTA, rhythmic noise cult band SULPHURIC SALIVA, SATKA & MISS POLY-ESTER (erotic vocalist of the ritual legendary band HYBRIDS !), DJ MAURI and SEDARKA. Plus, four never before released tracks and a bonus remixed version from PUNISH YOURSELF of the track "Just One X-God" originally included in H.I.V. +'s latest masterpiece : "Censored Frequencies and Other Mystic Territories" Vs. WIRED BRAIN in which the artist collaborated with such luminaries as Dirk Ivens & Eric Van Wonterghem (SONAR, MONOLITH) , CELLULOID MATA, MIMETIC, LITH and PSYCHICOLD.

H.I.V. + music could be very harsh and dense to ears not familiar with Industrial or Intelligent Distorted Musik, but DJ PEDRO has programmed the track listings in a way anyone (from the beginner to the most advanced listener) could appreciate any of the songs gradually; from the melodic pieces to the more harsh oriented tracks.

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