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From an e-mail I recieved on a mailing list.

better info should be forth coming...

Portland Noise Music Festival

Fri and Sat March 26 and in Portland, OR we have some big noise for you all...

Daniel Menche, Black Leather Jesus, Randy Yau, Stimbox, Gruntsplatter, Xome, Sleeping with the Earth, Pedestrian Deposit, Bacillus, PCRV, Nothing, Oscillating Innards, Okha, Nkondi and Jason Crumer.

If you don't live in the American NW, you should start buying yr plane tickets now. Stick around if you can for the all noise vegan barbeque on sunday. We also have a meat grill for alll you carnivores. this should be a pretty good fest, i think. FAQ...yes somebody here in town said he would put up a website soon.

Day 1 - Gruntsplatter, Emil, Nothing, Stimbox, Deadly Orifice, Sleeping with the earth, Xome, PCRV. Nkondi.

Day 2 - Daniel Menche, Black Leather Jesus, Randy Yau, Pedestrian Deposit, Jason Crumer, Bacillus, Okha, Oscillating Innards, Jonathan Yates. Liberty Hall is correct.

PA is 2000 watts. No liqour license so beer is free as long as you have id and stay behind the fence.


Rev Dj RaZorslave
~like a tongue full of asshole. . .
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