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School . . .

Well, off to PCC I went this morning at 6:00am. Did my workout. . . whee. . . not working out for a week really has an effect on my stamina, going to have to keep an eye on that.

Anyways, I'm sitting in my math class 20 mintutes early watching my classmates filter in, very relieved to hear the test on the chapter will not be until Monday, and amused to find that most of my classmates dont like our teachers somewhat acerbic comments and attitude regarding teaching Math 60 to a bunch of morons. I personally get a huge kick out of the comments, snide remarks, and truly entertaining monologue he spews out evrey day. Then the head of the math dept steps in to tell us that class in cancelled because the professor is sick and they couldnt find a substitute in such short notice. So I got to go home, and had possibly the scariest ride on the 78 I have ever had. The bus driver was hellbent on breaking the land speed record for a trimet bus and almost succeded. I had to stop doing homework on the bus half way home as I could barely read my own writing due tot he jostling I was recieving. What a day.

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