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hows that master race treating you?


Aug. 25th, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
As far as we know, all humans migrated out of Africa. The irony of that point is that we don't need a DNA test to know everyone is descended from native Africans :) which, just makes the whole notion of 'white races' or any other race as made-up. The only race I know of is the human race. Everything else is just an environmental adaption and genetic mutation.

We might be able to distinguish genetic characteristics that statistically crop-up in one population more often than another, but can we really call that statistical measurement a 'race'?? Many Germans have big noses, many Italians and Poles have big noses. Are we to say then that an Italian that has lived in Italy for the last 5000 years and whose ancestors never married outside of Italian stock for the last 5000 years is somehow part German now because they have a nose that statistically shows up in German populations? Bollocks. Pretty quickly the whole idea of 'race' becomes a meaningless concept, even on a cursory glance.