Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Announcement - Vector Live Show Venue Change!

So major announcement, good and bad rolled into a ball of icky goodness. First the bad; Due to forces beyond our control, The Marching Dynamics, Cervello Elettronico, Fusionwerks show is being moved to the Greek Isles on Saturday 8/8/2009. (This is the same venue that Aftermath runs in on Fridays.)

Now the Good: depending on how this show goes, and if you people like the new venue, Vector may have a new home. So if you want it to happen, come out and support it. The best part is; we can legally again cater to the 18+. Crowd, so tell all your friends, if you're under 21 but 18+ there is finally something to do in this town, and possibly in the future 2 nights a week. . .

So join the Rev Dj RaZorslave, and Dj Babylon with special Guest Dj Epic MegaFail, as we bring you the best in industrial before in between and after the bands.

So you don't miss anything, the band has opted to shift the play order as they want to leave you with the Dance Floor Friendly sounds of Cervello Elettronico. . .

Bands will go on by 12:00am (or shortly thereafter)

Marching Dynamics
Cervello Elettronico

The Greek Isles Casino
305 W Convention Center Dr
(1/2 Block West of Paradise)

Saturday Night Doors at 10:00pm

$7.00 Cover (No longer doing Tip based so please come out and participate besides. . . you're getting 3 bands!)


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