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Vector Update and Announcement - Pride After Party this week!

Vector Announcements:

Hey guys! We wanted to thank every dedicated patron that made it out to Vector on Saturday the 18th. We were greeted by some new faces as well as fond old friends, and though we had fewer bodies than we would have liked through the door, it was a wonderfully intimate engagement. You guys are the reason we pour so much effort into bringing you this night, two, and sometimes three times a month. You are the gasmask clad, blood & sweat soaked vinyl core of our scene and comprise one of the most collectively loyal and passionate groups it’s been my pleasure to spin for in this nation. That is why it is both an honor and a pleasure to put on the Vector Industrial Night for you, bringing new music and live performances to stomp your heart out to. We thank you greatly for your continued support.

With regards to support, however, we also received some news from the owners of the club last Saturday. We were confronted with the singular question as to where everyone was and why our numbers (in conjunction with the bar's numbers) were not higher. We brought into account the fact that The Cure show was the night before, Coachella was going on that weekend, and that a new monthly event premiered that night catering to the same crowd at Beauty Bar. We also made mention of the fact that since the weather is finally warming up and is no longer fluctuating between bitter cold and nice that our numbers should be increasing soon. They have already heard about all they can stomach concerning the effects of the current economy on our night. We have been given a deadline of May 30th to bring in - and sustain - a crowd of at least twice as many people or they will have no choice but to invest in a potentially more profitable night.

This/ /is /*not*/ about hostility towards other nights or personal grievances; this is simply the fact of the matter. We will continue to bring you the best in industrial music as long as you allow us and support us. We love our crowd of friendly degenerates and drunken libertines, and we hope you will make it out to support /your/ night. Because this is all about you- without you, there is no night. It is a choice entirely up to each of you - it comes at a time when the world is getting turned on its head, our economy is in the shitter, and we freaks need to stick it out together. So please come out and show some serious man love for the Vector Industrial Night.

Our next event will be the First Friday/PRIDE Afterparty

Black Label
3550 S. Decatur St (Corner of Spring Mountain and Decatur)
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Saturday Night 5/2/2009 - Doors at 10:00pm

Free, but if you like what you experience, we have dj's and door people that deserve to get paid, and new music that needs to be bought so a $5 Suggested Voluntary Gratuity seems fair to us. We'll also have party favor grab bags courtesy of Planned Parenthood!

21+ With I.D.

Then of course we've got Hex Rx coming May 30th!


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