Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Saturday: Vector Industrial Night with Rev Dj RaZorslave & Dj Babyl-on

Vector V.2 @ Blacklabel kicks off our weekly status this Saturday!

Hello all, it's time for the weekly promo and news blast. First off, The city has made it's requirements known to the venue regarding the licencing the venue has, and what that means for any furhter events happening at Blacklabel. We have been informed that we can no longer ask for donations under city of Las Vegas regulations, it falls afoul of the specific language in the regulation about soliciting donations or ticket sales to access a venue with gaming.

In order for us to continue doing the night and paying the djs, we will be instituting a "tip jar". Add what you feel your experience at the night is worth, it's entirely based on you and your generosity, if you want the night to continue, vote with your dollars! We'll give it until the end of February to see if the tips justify keeping the night open.

So, Join us this Saturday as The Rev Dj RaZorslave and Dj Babyl-on bring you the best in Industrial music from across the spectrum.

Black Label
3550 S. Decatur St (Corner of Spring Mountain and Decatur)
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Saturday Nights - Doors at 10:00pm
Free, but if you like what you experience, a $5 Suggested Voluntary Gratuity seems fair to us. Again. . . we need your asses through the door, the owners want to see a crowded room, so show up and add to the tip jar, but most importantly show up and support the night with your enthusiasm!
21+ With I.D.

Next week!

And in a couple of weeks!

A couple of other things I hope to get flyers done for by the end of the weekend.

2/7 Special Guest End the Dj

2/21 - Live Music returns to Vector. Syndika Zero returns, with the first Las Vegas Performance of C/A/T Side Project - Captive 6

Please pass the word and forward to your fiends! support scene and don't let the economy kill it!

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