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I would like front row tickets. . .

for the last 24 hours, my work life has revolved around the removal of Antispyware 2008 for two different customers. I says the last 24 hours, because I had one of their machines at my house. And was running malware scans and removal software to no avail until 12:30 am. . . At least I get to claim the time as "hours I worked" this week.

The other customer, has a 2003 Small Business Server install they also use as a workstation, big mistake as their daughter was doing searches for information on modifying her myspace profile and got bombed by the software and didnt realize that the window that pops up asking you if you want to scan for malware was one GIANT ok button skinned to look like it had seperate cancel and red x buttons in the upper right. . .

well, when I got there explorer was crashing every 15 seconds to the background and then relaunchign ad infinium. . .

I booted into ubcd4windows and launched SuperAntispyware which scanned the system and found ohh, 6000 or so items including tracking cookies and 47 diffrent varients of the beasie through out. 8 reboots and multiple scans between spybot search and destroy and SuperAntiSpyware I still had two entries which would not clear. . .

So I've now run hijack this and submitted the log to a site which will hopefully help me analyize the infection and help me get rid of it, they offer this service to anyone who asks for help. . . whee. . .

BUt I suppose 7+ hours of billed time, is a cheap price to pay versus, doing a full re-install and lset up of the network in the house. . .



Jan. 8th, 2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
malwarebytes is pretty good at clearing that one up.
Jan. 8th, 2009 05:16 pm (UTC)
running it as we speak