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Top 10 list. . .

Top Releases of 2008.

1.) Alter Der Ruine - Giants from Far Away

Possibly the greatest and most refreshing release in the "Rhythmic/Powernoise" Genre to date. The boys from ADR continue to show order of magnitude improvements in levels of greatness between albums. Complex melodies with distorted beats and the best sense of humor in the scene. Did not leave my CD player in my car for close to 4 months.

The rest in no particualr order

Geomatic - Blue Beam
T'zolkin - Haab
S.A.M. - Destruction Unit
Ad*ver*sary - bone music
Schnarph! - [laut] LOS!
Flint Glass - Circumsounds
Advanced Synergy - Future Clash 2
C/A/T - The Great Crisis
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