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Sigh... I hate loosing paperwork.

Went and Saw Kill Bill Vol 1 with L. last night, great movie but it didnt get out until 12:30am and I know I'm feeling beat on this morning. Woke up with a lingering migraine from yesterday took more maxalt and went down to the bankruptcy court today to get copies of my bankruptcy discharge papers. Now that I have that finnished I get to go out to the hillsboro circut court tomorrow and file copies with them to get my licence unlocked so I can get it re-instated. Hooray. My new schedule for work is kicking in this week. I', "part-time" by GM standards i.e. working less that 34 hours per week but still full time working more that 32 hours per week by Sitel's definition. Hopefully that will allow me to do more schooling in the mornings before having to be at work at noon.

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