Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Whew. . . the weekend from hell is over. . .

I actually had a weekend, rather amazing, and the first one in almost 3 months. . .

Friday Night was the last night of Sanctuary, it was good to be there and see all the people in the building to usher the night out. I got to spin 3 tracks. . .

Necessary Response - Spilling Blood
C/A/T - Smashed (Party Mix)
Haujobb - Smack My Bitch up

People danced, I had a good time, and then we headed over to Factory and hung there for a bit, before heading home to pass out, Saturday was a blur, Natalies mom dropped her Chihuahua Penis off, penis is a way cool little bad ass of a dog, normally he hates guys, and pees on their legs, or tries to make them part of her harem, but this little dog has taken a real likeing to me, in ways that Natalie and Sydney have never seen, I actually like this little dog and his Akita sized personality quite a bit.

By 5:00pm I was over at the venue doing initial set up, by around 7:30pm we had the P/A set up and the initial sound check done, got some food for daq42 and I and by 8:30pm had the sound check for C/A/T going on, then low and behold, even with a critical emergency - one of the outlets failed causing us to have to re-route power via extension cords from diffrent outlets, we were ready for the night to begin when doors opened at 10;00pm. . .

There was a line of about 35 people at the door, including people I'd never seen, and who didn't even remotely fit the stereotype of "Industrial Music Fan" and they just kept coming. It was so good to see so many people there, Dj Disdain and Dj Liquid Sex Drive rocked the house and kept the energy up and led forward right on into my set, which I'm very glad people sat (suffered) through my set, and then stuck around and danced your asses off throughout C/A/T. far_and_distant and nukmedkat rocked my face off and had everyone dancing and drinking my the metric ton. . . The remixed stuff, and the new tracks sounded amazing, and I'm honored to have my show be selected as the one to showcase this new stuff at. We took bunches of pictures, and I hope to get them all uploaded this week.

Sunday was a lazy day, spent it recovering (how exactly does one strain the muscles on their forearm that *open* the hand anyways?) I got my monstrous wooden desk finally put together, and the computers set up, had a mouse go bad, replaced it, and everything seem to be working, stayed up late watching Aliens 2 Special Edition with babylon23 and she at least understands my fascination with the Alien world a bit more. . .
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