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Wow, busy busy busy. . .

Natalie and I are almost done with the move, which has been ongoing since Friday Night, we've got the majority of the boxes moved, and are starting to sort them into diffrent rooms (Kitchen/Living Room/ Bedroom, Studio/Computer/Music Room) for unpacking, the living room, however is a sea of boxes. Barnaby is coming over to help us move the couches, the bed, and some other peices of furniture, I'm guessing that will take 2-3 more truck and sub/car loads to get it all done, teh intarwebs and teh cable will be installed today between 3-5, thank god, because although i can steal internet from 3 or 4 of my overly trusting neighbors, I like to have my own connection, especially as I'm on call this week.

Then it's a mad dash project to get the old house cleaned and fixed up so that we get the majority of the $2050.00 in deposits that Natalie payed at the old place back. And a mad dashed effort to get the houses in order before our first set of house guests arrive the weekend of the C/A/T show. . .

whew. . . I'm exhausted, but I'm extremely happy to be in our own cute little place. It's odd to thing that going from a house built in 2004 or so, to a recently remodeled condo built in 1977 as an upgrade, but I really love our new place.

Pictures to come once we get the place more set up. . .


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