Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Good night at the club. . .

Spent a good part of yesterday assisting lostmachine with taping and mudding the drywall in his workshop. I enjoyed my night at the club, it was very good to see xagent93x and have euphoria91 get the offica stamp of approval. The version of Hocio's Starving Children with the extra samples went over well, Played lots of good stuff, new sonar, noisex, H.I.V.+, New Velvet Acid Christ, picked up four new albums on Saturday here's some mini reviews. . .

[dead HOLLYWOOD stars - GONE WEST] amazingly well done noisy yet ambient and melodic album with a stong south western (6 String Bass Guitar, jew's harp) flavor. Definately worth the purchase

[Velvet Acit Christ - Hex Angel: Utopia/Distopia] wow, I really like this release, much harder than any of the previous releases, some of the tracks are actually noisy in places, lots of great samples. Glad to see this band evolving and refining its sound.

[Hellsau - Vain] Swamp terrorists side project one of the few bands I will listen to that uses guitars, and boy do they, amazing use of giutars and synths, will apeal to the closet metalhead in all of you.

[Feindflug - Im Visier] Good single, purchased towards the goal of filling out my Feindflug collection, remixes of Stuka's and a few new tracks. Worth the purchase to a Feindflug Fan.

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