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Regen Magazine Podcast is up. . .

This week's Featured Artist: Nachtmahr

Not sure why there's not a link to purchast the album on the regen magazine page. . . but it's available through about 16 diffrent links on the page on the myspace page.

Track Listing:
November Novelet - So Far No Further
Supreme Court - Satisfy My Needs (5uxen Mix)
IAMX - Nightlife
Ah Cama-Sotz - Rites Ov Dub (Qal'at Sim'an)
Iszoloscope - The Sum Of Us All (Remix)
SNOG - One Grain Of Sand
Santa Hates You - Machine Sex Symphony
Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device
Nachtmar - Ein spiel (endif remix)
Blutengel - Beauty And Delight
Isis Signum - Destroy The Wall (Renegade Of Noise Mix)
Soman - Beatboxx
FabrikC - Chinese Food

also, they got my bio up with a minor typo. . . (not sure if it's my fault or not *shrugs*) . . . over here. . .
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