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E-music. . .

So I joined to take advantage of their 35 free downloads and see what was available. . .
I should have gone with the 50 Free downloads from winamp special, but forgot about that until I was installing winamp at home on the gaming rig. . .

Added to 'collection' Genevive Pasquier - Virgin Pulses <- HIGHLY recomended.

Added to 'collection' Noisuf-x's - The Beauty of Destruction">

Added to 'collection'
Architect - Lower Lip Interface

Added to 'collection' Tonikom - Epoch

holy shit, this service rocks, 192KB VBR Mp3's as cheap as 35 cents a download (if you pre buy the 1 year subscription) that you can download as many times as you want, to as many machines as you want, without required proprietary software (unless you want to download a whole album in once click) I pay $10.00 a month, and get to download the exact tracks I want (up to 30 a month) from the bands, ensure they get paid, etc. . .

I now have 25 odd more downloads to take advantage of. . .

Yay me.

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