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Grr. . .

Why does letting someone, who does not clique well with anyone in the group, does not have the basic skills, knowledge, dedication or willingness to sacrifice to become a dj, have to be such a huge pain in the ass.

Since I gave her the word yesterday after noon, I've recieved 8 calls.

And why can't she accept that:

1) Your Job interferes with your ability to come out to club, therefore, you will not be aware of what is being spun in the clubs, and the kind of stuff that the people are responding to.

2) As well as having me bring the gear over to your place to familiarize you with it. You've come out to Dj boot camp for 4 times in the last two months. Dj Boot camp lasts from 7-11. That’s a total amount of time, in the 12-16 hours you've had to absorb the function of the gear, and pick up basic gear operation skills. Perhaps if you'd shown up for the majority of the boot camp, rather than at between 10:00pm and 10:30pm and then spending the majority of time, trying to socialize and driving people nuts with your innane stories.

3) Lack of knowledge of the music, the scene

4) I am not your conduit to new and interesting people that you can harass. It is not my job to introduce you to people and get them to show up at BBQ's at your house, if you want people to hang out, YOU talk to them and convince them why they should.

5) Nothing in the world annoys me more than having to repeat myself, and dumb what I'm saying down, so that it's intelligible to a 3rd grader. I should not have to do this with a 38 year old.

I'm getting to the point where I have no interest in having this person in my life anymore. Am I looking for an excuse? Possibly, but it's still a reason.

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