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Tired. . . [GEEK ALERT!}

Finally four hours after I started. Got the new case for
my computer allowing me to retire my SC-730A tower and rebuild the dual P-3 750Mhz machine with it. Got my machine back up and running. . . Lacking a couple of things for it to get the other b0X3n running.

1. PCI or AGP Video Card . . . anybody got a spare lying around?

2. Sound Card, PCI or ISA trying to decide if I want to kick out 100.00 for a Sound Blaster Audigy 2.0

3. Larger Hard Drive, 14GB is barely enough for the dual Windows XP and Linux Installations let alone storing MP3's on.

Spent the last couple days with euphoria91 (has bad 60's musical music running through his head) Went to goddessmikhail's for Dinner and Conversation, along with euphoria91 and ladyraven14 its good to be with fun, intelligent positive people.

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