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Can't access the bmezine site from work to read the work, but it's entertaining enough. . .

"Karl Rove's father was not only gay, but a part of the early body piercing scene and a regular at 70s piercing parties... There are pictures of him on BME." ~ Shannon Larrot - Founder BME-zine



Aug. 20th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
Karl's views are probably moderate. He is not a religious nut; he probably isn't even that socially intolerant. He just saw those sort of people as good for clearing the path to political power. Kinda like how Limp Dick Cheney loves his gay daughter and accepts her partner and their child...well, Cheney probably is homophobic when it comes to anything outside of his family.

In other words, Karl loves his dead gay dad.

Fuckin' sad how these guys can't extend their compassion outside of their families, eh?