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Holy Shit Combichrist Kicked My Ass.

I hope my voice and my hearing are back by tomorrow at 2:00pm.

I got my body beat, and my dance on, and was surrounded by everyone who's good to me in Las Vegas, with the notable exception of the one girl, who got called into work, in **looks at clock** gah, she's probably getting up in about an hour to be at work at 6:30am. Which sucks, because I was really looking forward to dancing with her.

1+ Hour of combichrist and I feel like my body has been worked over by all 7 of the dwarves, on steroids, with aluminum baseball bats, I *hope* I'm recovered by Friday, I'll try and recap tomorrow. Andy as always was awesome, Modulate Kicked my ass. (Even though I was tongue deep in a girl at that point) and is a super cool guy, I will be in contact with him regarding remix kits as soon as he gets home off of tour. Imperative Reaction, well, they're really nice guys, but totally not what I'm into, but in any case they still put on a good show and had people dancing.

Congrats to James Bound. I dunno if you broke even but thank you, last night was EXACTLY what I was trying to accomplish with the Terrorfakt show last year, and I'm very sorry that the venue canceled on us, because it would have been at least as good a show. The energy, the people the crowd, all of the fucking people I have NEVER EVER seen in clubs here in town, who all got flyered for Vector and were THRILLED to find out there was an Industrial Night here in Las Vegas, tonight, was exactly what I live for. And I will never give it up.

SF will enjoy the show tomorrow, intoner if something should happen to your balls courtesy of Andi, um, sorry ;)

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