Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Bunker. . .

There is something very satisfying about having your name up in 3' high letters on the wall during the time you're djing and the kids are going nuts on the floor. . .

Had a blast, consumed much alcohol, mmmm Jaeger Bombs (with beer!) decided as I twas 5:00am after getting done with breakfast and the crazy black man stroking his cock across the aisle at Denny's that Bridget was so fixated on she couldn't stop talking REALLY LOUDLY ABOUT IT, LOL, that I'd probably be better off just driving back to Las Vegas at that point.

I'm glad I did, I got to sleep for about 7 hours, and unlike xanaphia and whytewolf who are stuck in traffic, still in L.A. by a bad accident I'm getting to chill with my cat before getting ready for tonight.

I had a lot of fun at bunker, Franck ended up letting me spin most of the night, other than about 45 minutes where he went on.

Here's the playlist

(wow, who pimped out crunchpod medi)

Rev Dj RaZorslave
XoToX - eisenkiller
Synapscape - noisefist
Schattenschlag - Gefuehlskalt (Remix By Noisex)
Cervello Elettronico - Rinse with Blood
Morgenstern - insight
Proyecto - Mirage tumble dryer
Roger Rotor - The Bastard Burns in My Head
Dulce Liquido - disolucion
Broken Fabiola - japanese callgirl (manufactura remix)
H.I.V+ - illegal tanz
Cervello Elettronico - Drop the Bomb
Converter*Asche*Morgenstern - another monster
Terrorfakt - Headcase
This Morn' Omina - The World Tree
Stahlfrequenz - Dunkelkammer

Rev Dj RaZorslave
Northborne - Brutal
Wumpscut - totmacher (remix by VNV Nation)
FabrikC - Hexenjagd (Club mix)
Alter Der Ruine - Betrayal
Soman - tears (feat lahannya)
Modulate - Skullfuck
Black Lung - Concrete Octopus [Sir Real's rancid rebuild]
Polluted Axis - be happy
Zombie Girl - Bleeder (Industrial Strength Mix By Seb)
C/A/T - Enhancer (Triple D Club mix by Caustic)
In[perfektion] - Brain Trauma
Soman - divine
Xaphan - Grass Eating Milk Machine
Combichris - god bless
Asche - 2nd Scrape
Converter - denogginizer (kill the brain)
P.A.L - whomp that sucker! (live)
Kate Mosh - the fire this time
Marching Dynamics - Funkytown (white devil mix)
Siechtum - Gesellschaft Mord
Alien Vampires - Fuck Your Exorcism
Telerotor - Non Stop
Black Lung - the useless eaters
Caustic - The reason I broke up with you was a million reasons you psychotic wang
C/A/T - Malice
Lament Configuration - Andnoybon (Smooth Feelin Mix)
Strongbad Vs Ramstein - The System is Du
Tags: playlist, playlists

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