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Weekend of CD Release Parties. .

For one band. . . :) I offer optimal value I can get you CD Release Parties that last a whole weekend ;)


and then


I'm just hoping gothx that the CD's will be here by Wednesday, for Dj Bootcamp, I want to give some of them out to the trainee dj's



Jul. 9th, 2007 02:42 am (UTC)
The bands you listed all had shitty vocals, Decoded Feedback had anoying as fuck Vocals, Deathline International had mildly annoying vocals.

FWIW... I think my vocals LIVE are better than what is on the album. Just because, it was my first time recording vocals and I've already learned a bunch about what to not do and what to do better next time. Investing about $1600 in new gear will likely up the production value of the vox next time around as well. :)