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Weekend of CD Release Parties. .

For one band. . . :) I offer optimal value I can get you CD Release Parties that last a whole weekend ;)


and then


I'm just hoping gothx that the CD's will be here by Wednesday, for Dj Bootcamp, I want to give some of them out to the trainee dj's



Jul. 9th, 2007 02:39 am (UTC)
but I did in fact read that vocals were being added to C/A/T to get more exposure at clubs.

I'm wondering where I was misquoted as saying that... :)

Actually, I added lyrics/vocals because that was the way I felt like expressing myself on this album. After 4 releases [2 EPs, 1 album and one album length EP] that were entirely instrumental... I figured not only would adding vocals be fitting for the idea I wanted to get across BUT ALSO it'd be something DIFFERENT that the C/A/T project hadn't done before. I felt if I just did 14 "Smashed" or "Music To Piss You Off" type 'club stompers' I'd be not only repeating myself but it wouldn't be something I wanted to listen to myself.

I just did an interview with Side-Line re: this album which will explain things better [assuming it's edited well]. If it helps get into clubs or get more shows by doing vocals, then so be it... but it's not like after ATF I just sat down and went "Wow, vocals will = $$$... let's do it!" :) And I still threw on like 3 or 4 instrumental tracks for the C/A/T purists as well.

That said, I think the next C/A/T release, which we start on in August, should appeal to the older-school fans of the instrumental stuff AND the newer fans we're getting by doing the more vocal-based material.

Regardless, thanks for saying you'll be buying the album. Always appreciated! :)