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how businesses loose customers for life. . .

I'm really sorely tempted to write a letter to the owner of this store.

Star Costume & Theatrical Supply
3230 S Valley View Blvd 120
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: (702) 731-5014

I called them while en route to their store, to verify they had two lab coats in stock and available. They confirmed they did, But were unwilling to remain open long enough for me to get there, (I was two minutes away) even when offered a $10.00 tip.

I saw them drive out of the parking lot, while I was waiting to turn into it.

I'm really tempted to write a nice long letter to the owners, and make sure and go around and write a bad review at every site I can find that reviews the service of places like this (citysearch, angies list etc)

Yeah, so I'm not even bothering dressing up tonight.


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