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Grr this year is fired. . .

This has been the year of computer issues. . . every single one of my computer's has had major issues this year, I just got done with getting the websurfing and torrent box rebuilt and set up, my laptop's LCD and inverter have been replaced and she's up and running again. . .

Now my gaming rig has decided to take a dump, it started about two or three weeks or so and it really exacerbated when I added the G15 Keyboard. The registry started corrupting and restoring itself on each reboot, and a couple of times I had to go in and do a system restore to restore the functionality of the keyboard and make it work correctly. Then it wouldnt fully boot into windows, and the system restore stopped working, so I decided to flatline the box and re-install, during the attempted re-install, the USB Ports on the motherboard all died, no LCD, no Mouse, no nothing. It looks like the motherboard has died, luckily, it's still under warranty, I've sent an RMA request (edit: RMA has been approved) and will figure out how I'm going to box that bad boy up and get it shipped off, they estimate 10 days before they'll have the replacement motherboard out to me, whereupon I'll get to spend 6-8 hours doing a re-install. Whee, oh well, I guess this means more time for non-gaming projects that I've been meaning to get completed. . .
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