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Doh. . .

Got a message back from Jim regarding the TiBook. . .

Turns out that the power adapter is reporting (via glowing red, not
orange or green) that there is a deeper problem than just the battery
being dead and stuff. Most likely it is a damaged or failed power
management on the logic board, which is why the battery never charged
and died, so repairing this machine would require replacing the logic
board (also known in PC speak as the motherboard, with the main
processor and video card soldered on). Also, this machine was put on
the 'vintage' list just a few months ago, so John cannot get parts for
it through Apple, so the only way to get replacement parts would be
through some online reseller, and you could probably just get a used
machine for the same price as getting parts. So that's the update on

damn it, now I'm likely going to have to spend some money to get my laptop up and running again. . .

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