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Joining the off white side. . .

Thanks to xanaphia I'm going to be the proud owner of a Gen 1 TiBook, running OSX and with enough RAM to handle most everything I'll be throwing at it (Excell and Web Surfing) which means I won't need to be lugging around an LCD this weekend to access my cd binder database. . .

Which also means, I'll get to tear apart the Compaq Presario for the processor toss the 60GB HD into an external case, and see if Andrew and Kelly need a 512MB Dimm for their laptop. . .



May. 22nd, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
yes, well, the plan is to get a macbook pro next spring when tax return season comes around, they should be about at the point that Mac has upgraded to the Santa Rosa chipset and a slightly nicer video card than they are running now, I plan on dual booting XP and OSX although I may be compltely converted by the time I get there.