Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

10:00pm cannot possibly get here soon enough. . .

Gah. . . soooooo slow. . .

I'm running out of things to do, and even with *borrowing* a laptop and keyboard from the teir 3 server cube until the end of the shift, I'm seriously running out of things to entertain myself. . .

on the upside, I get to see amy for a little while after work. Although that and having to pounce on B at 1:00am and be back to work at 9:00am are really guaranteeing that the next opportunity I'll have to get some decent sleep will be if I go to bed early on Monday night. .. **HAH**

This should be a good week, all the portions of my outfit/Toy Soldier Unifrom will be here in time for my Gas Mask Birthday Bash should be here by Wed, Hopefully the 2nd CDJ-1000 will arrive in the mail the same day, and I can take it to Dj Bootcamp. Jonathan the resident dj at Goodtimes wants to come over and participate in bootcamp this week.

Vector related; the turnout saturday was IMO really good for the last two weeks, and I find out wed if we get to keep doing Vector. I'm hoping that we do, but I'll survive if it get's cancelled. I would like to do it at least one more week, and if nothing else, I'll pull out all stops to have the 19th, my actual Birthday be the last date and have a blow out party, especially as I have the entire weekend because, nucmedkat and far_and_distant will be in town and I always enjoy spending time with them. . .

Tags: amy
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