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Well what do you know. . .

About a year and a half ago, my moms computer gave up the ghost, required new motherboard and processor, which came bundled together from fry's, the old processor was an Athlon XP2500+ Final Gen Barton core. That ran at a not so cool but fairly quiet 1.8ghz.

I kept the processor in case mine ever died or had problems. It's been in a box, and I just swapped out the Semperon 3000+ Chip that was in this other motherboard for it. Turns out this GQ Computer, has absolutely nothing on it which recognizes the preferences for the multipliers and the setting for the FSB and Processor MB Speed.

So I maxed it to see what it can do.

Currently It reads as a Athlon XP 3200+ running at 2.2GHZ. And if I must say s, it's quite a bit snappier than the old machine. I think I will likely pull the monsterous zalman cooling tower off of the other barton and put it n this box, just so I'm sure the overclock doesnt stress the factory heatsink.

edit: it crashed in the middle of writing this, so I don't think it's QUITE stable, but I've dialed it back and we'll see how it goes. . .



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(Deleted comment)
May. 2nd, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)
yes indeed, it's all whether to pulling the zallman off the other board, pullin it out of the case, removing the mounting unit from the back of the board, then pulling the motherboard out of the GQ putting it all on the board and plugging it back in. . .

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