Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

My daughter is GOOD

She's 9. I actually got to have a good little chat with her. . . Somehow I've been manouvered into either buying her a Nintendo ds lite for 129.00 or a WII for 249.00 if I really don't want her to have a completely mobile gaming system so she'll be limited to playing the WII at home on the tv. . .

This is a good as when I forced my parents into letting me buy a Nintendo. They had this system by which, we could read books and do a book report and earn cash for doing it. I read so much and did so many reports they owed me close to 250.00. My mom insisted that there would be no nintendo ever.

I told them, you can buy me the Nintendo Super System for my birthday and write off the whole debt, or when you eventually pay me off, I'll buy it myself. . .

I got it for my birthday.

EDIT: Just found out that Grandma already bought her the nintendo DS. That's enough gaming systems for a birthday. I am however going to pick her up some games, and books, and pudding. . .

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