Rev Dj RaZorslave (razorslave) wrote,
Rev Dj RaZorslave

Mostly as a note to myself regarding the various pumps and such I'm looking at. . .

I've been presented with Packets of info for 4 diffrent pumps by four diffrent companies, so I thought I'd do a pro/conp assessment for each and pesent it here, to hash out the decision. . .

1) Paradigm Realtime Insulin Pump - 522 or 722 teh bleeding edge and stuff. . . 4 Year Warranty

Pump is Covered by Insurance
Skinnabble **cool**
Upgrade program for upgrade to newest technology during period of warranty (3-500.00 for upgrade based on old upgrade offers)
reasearch budget is roughly 15 times nearest competitor.
Bolus Wizzard Calculator
Local Suppoert

Real Time portion of Tester is not Covered and would be an out of pocket expense along with
Propritary up the wazoo

2.) CozMore 4 Year Warranty

Unit covered by insurance, no proprietary infusion sets.
Insulin Pump is Waterproof! (when it leaves the factory)
Small and lightweight; similar in size to a cell phone <-- but an UGLY ass Cellphone
Personalization of screens to fit your lifestyle
Custom bolusing by grams of carbohydrates or units of insulin
Correction bolus to accurately adjust for high blood glucose
Missed meal bolus alert notifies you if a meal bolus has not been taken
Site change reminder alerts you when you should change your infusion set
Blood glucose test alert reminds you to test your blood glucose

Support based out of Utah, no local people.

3.) Amina (Their site crashed while I was looking at it. . . odd)

ISO Certifed. . . the only monitor that is
database of your 500 favorite foods right in the pump — for more accurate, on-the-go insulin dosing
It gives you the smallest available basal rate for fine-tuned control.
Appears to be the most rugged of all the pumps.


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