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The Good the Bad and the Scary. . .

So last night I was working out at the gym, my blood sugar has been oscillating wildly and I've had a couple of really scary lows. I had one while at the gym, I was functioning, and actually drove myself home when my blood sugar was ~23.

I also managed to lose my wallet, which complicates the shit out of this morning. . .

I'm supposed to see my endocrinologist in 20 minutes, but now, I have no insurance card, no id, and no way to pay the co-pay. LVAC can't even tell me if someone turned my wallet in last night, until 9:00am when a manager gets in, and I'll have to be there in person to get any real information.

I sincerely hope the day get's better from here.

**EDIT** the Dr's office was able to bill me for the visit, which means I got to see my endocrinologist and they say I am a very good candidate for the pump, I fitted a needle and we are adjusting the SHIT out of my insulin to prep me for the transfer over to pump. Unfortunately the pump I want, with the built in tester that constantly monitors my blood sugar, is NOT covered by insurance, and I don't think I'll be able to afford it.

Went back by LVAC, they do not have my wallet, which means one of the sweaty methhead who made my workout, while it lasted, seem like a terrifying acid trip, really, wall-eyed, inbred, gang bangers with a pronounced eyebrow ridge are really freaky looking. I really didnt want to get caught staring.

So today will be devoted to tracking down phone numbers for my banks, repporting the cards lost or stolen, and wednesday I get to go get a new Drivers licence.


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